Latest November 2010 SEO Contest, Win real money €.4000

Prize : €.4000 (approximately 48.000.000 IDR - 48 jeti / kurs 12 rb)

Keyword : "Win real money playing online slots at"

Start : from November 15th 2010 - January 15th 2011

The Win real money playing online slots at seo game, provided by Neogames Partners and . So, if you're interested to take a part in this seogames , follows are the rules of this SEO challenge :

Are you familiar with SEO and ranking in the best positions on Google?

If so, then NeoGames Partners has a brilliant contest for you!

From November 15th to January 15th, you have the chance to receive more than €4,000 if you rank amongst the top positions on Google.

So come and get ready for this incredible contest! Below are the details:

The Keyword:

Win real money playing online slots at

The competition:
The competition is held over two months from November 15th 2010 to January 15th 2011.

-A page dedicated to must be created in English on your website, blog or forum. Free blogs and forums are also accepted.

-This page must contain a minimum of 250 words describing’s promotions, games and news. The page must also contain a banner.

-You are only allowed to promote on this dedicated site.

-Only the first 100 results will be considered to determine the 8 winners who will win.

-Is forbidden to buy the any domain related with the keyword:


-This contest must be target to and you can participate in English only

-Each unique URL will be considered a separate entry and can therefore win.

4,200 Euros of Bonuses shared out as follows

1. €2,000 (+70% lifetime revenue share from that page) / 24 jeti

2. €1,000 (+60% lifetime revenue share from that page) / 12 jeti

3. €750 (+50% lifetime revenue share from that page) / 9 jeti ...

4. €400

5. €150

6. €100

7. €100

8. €100

The final ranking will be announced on the 17th of January at midday on the NeoGames Partners site Portal.

Please contact your account manager for more information


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