Dingdong Swamp SEO Kicking Contest

This is the most unique SEO contest that I have found and take a part in it, The keyphrase that competed are swamp ass and ramadama dingdong, yeah both of these keywords.

Well, the following just a litle tips..............

About Search Engine Friendly Pages

There is no point in building a website unless there are visitors coming in. A major source of traffic for most sites on the Internet is search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so on. Hence, by designing a search engine friendly site, you will be able to rank easily in search engines and obtain more visitors.

Major search engines use programs called crawlers or robots to index websites to list on their search result pages. They follow links to a page, reads the content of the page and record it in their own database, pulling up the listing as people search for it.

If you want to make your site indexed easily, you should avoid using frames on your website. Frames will only confuse search engine robots and they might even abandon your site because of that. Moreover, frames make it difficult for users to bookmark a specific page on your site without using long, complicated scripts.

Do not present important information in Flash movies or in images. Search engine robots can only read text on your source code so if you present important words in Flash movies and images rather than textual form, your search engine ranking will be affected dramatically.

Use meta tags accordingly on each and every page of your site so that search engine robots know at first glance what that particular page is about and whether or not to index it. By using meta tags, you are making the search engine robot's job easier so they will crawl and index your site more frequently.

Stop using wrong HTML tags like <font> to style your pages Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) instead because they are more effective and efficient. By using CSS, you can eliminate redundant HTML tags and make your pages much lighter and faster to load.
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Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

Just "Gogo2011 Kobamusaji", Well now is time to relax and enjoy writing, talk about a "SEO Mantra" that called Gogo2011 Kobamusaji or gogo 2011 unique marketing concept, very really special phrase such as the sentence of makeityourring diamond engagement rings from shiree odiz that.

Gogo2011 Kobamusaji is the key-words that competed in a SEO Contest held by Inbound Marketing Indonesia, in order to promote their online services and products through this SEO Battle to compete for a prizes of US$350-Rank 1, US$100-Rank 2, and US$50-Rank3 . If you interested to take part in this SEO game, here is the site organizer http://inboundmarketing.web.id/seo-games

Well, saying "Gogo2011 Kobamusaji" is only words and it's no necessary to explain about the meaning of this phrase, that's just a keyword mantra like when we sing in the bathroom "I love you baby....oh hyeee...., gogo..gogo2010, gogo2011 kobamusaji..", but srubuutt...srupuuuts...kick as hard as possible to the keyword and look the result in google ...and Whoooaa...you are being the winner of this "Alien SEO test" (busby seo test's brother)....Yuhhuuu...don't forget say "many thanks" to Gogo2011 Kobamusaji Inbound Marketing Services ... Done..

Gogo2011.Kobamusaji Alien SEO test, by Free 7

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Another simple clean and seo ready style - komodo 7 style

The idea of this simple blogger template, inspired by komodo island seo contest ,that's why there is a sentence "komodo 7 style" at the title above...

This style is another simple seo ready blogspot template, Such as simple seo blogger template , used by this blog....

Well.. check out and download the simple clean template here
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Give your vote for Komodo Island is the new 7 wonders of the world - another seo contest

This is and seo contest again, that offers big rewards of cash money such as Newport beach houses or Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, and the keyword that competed is "Komodo Island is the new 7 wonders of the world" .

So, you may only participate and support for the election of Komodo island and its dragons is being the new 7 wonders of the world, as well as support through the seo contest only , read here: http://contest.komodo.me/

I think thi is a great idea for us to prefer and elect the Komodo Island as The New 7 Wonders of The World. Through voting, we will do a best and wise thing for our country . Besides the komodo island will be more popular it also will bring a best affect to the tourism industry, and so our country will get more income to make better the quality of life of indonesian people.

Or if you are not part of Indonesian people, there you are also free to choose from a lot of selection of natural wonders in the offer, and perhaps one of the only existing wonders there, located in your country

Well...For who interested (especially indonesian bloggers) in giving votes for Komodo Island is The New 7 Wonders of The World, please you go to directly to visit The Official New 7 Wonders of the World website at www.new7wonders.com

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Newport beach houses - OC SEO Contest

Yeah...SEO challenge again, the goal of the SEO contest is to promote OC (orange country) real estate, California.

And now we are challenged to use the more expert and advanced SEO skills, because the keyword target is "Newport beach houses" .As you know that the keyword has long been dominated by top websites out there, but this is precisely to be an exciting challenge as SEO addicts, right..?

Learn more about this seo-contest , here: http://www.promojunkie.com/forum/seo-contest/130945-search-engine-optimization-contest-6-rules-hotc.html

Okay..make a cup of cappuccino and let's go to shoot and shoot..Newport beach houses and Newportbeachhouses, or Newportbeach houses....Rock n rool....
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Makeityourring diamond engagement rings 2011 seo affiliate marketing contest

Good day blogger.., Now in early 2011 www.shireeodiz.com that starting from 1st January launched seo affiliate marketing contest that's fighting for the keyword Makeityourring diamond engagement rings . The topic is about diamond rings, jewelries, and anythings around wedding or engagement events

About the meaning of the Makeityourring itself, I think that means "make it your ring" , this topic really romantic .

For more info about the makeityourring diamond engagement rings , you cand find at http://www.shireeodiz.com/seo-idol.html

Okay, with this short information, you will take a part for the seo affiliate marketing contest or just interested to buy diamond rings to give a special gift to someone of your soulmate

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iDEA Online SEO Challenge Keyword "Rumah Mungil Yang Sehat"

Bahasa Inggris: For Indonesian Bloggers and webmasters , let's challenging SEO Test again for a keyword "Rumah Mungil Yang Sehat"

Cuma mau kasih info ada kontes seo baru lagi menjelang ujung tahun 2010 ini diadakan oleh situs ideaonline.co.id, hadiahnya lumayan lho, lihat dan simak saja langsung disini : http://arsip.ideaonline.co.id, kalau menang kan bisa buat tambah-tambah buat jajan tahun baruan untuk beli baju misalnya.

Saya juga iseng-iseng berhadiah ikutan, hitung-hitung update blog-blog yang terlantar dengan nembak keyword! : rumah mungil, rumah sehat, dan rumah mungil yang sehat, dan cewek mungil yang cantik serta tak lupa rumah besar yang banyak penyakit, di blog satunya itu.

Ok, selamat berlomba buat yang mau ikut, sekalian ngetes apakah simple blogger template ini cukup seo friendly dan ngacir untuk iDEA Online SEO Challenge ini
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